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The Greater Valley Vision Center is dedicated to the improvement and remediation of visual inadequacies from infant to retirement age.  We are a Behavioral / Developmental Optometry Practice and as such we believe that you are never too young and never too old to improve the way one sees.  We have succeeded as an office when our patients have left our care with greater confidence to do their job and have met or exceeded their potential both visually and academically. Your vision skills are of great importance to us!

Here at The Greater Valley Vision Center the one-on-one attention we give each patient sets us apart from others in the field. For over 30 years, we have been located in The San Fernando Valley serving the entire family from infant to retirement.  The goal of our practice is to provide THE Highest level of eye care available at an affordable price. Some of the areas we specialize in are: Pediatric and Adult vision skills, vision therapy, visual perception abilities, binocular vision, work station evaluations, sports vision, traumatic brain injury, contact lenses for children and adults, progressive lenses, “Irlen Syndrome”, light therapy, LASIK, glaucoma, cataracts, and finally a person's ability to apply their vision to their academics / work load (applied vision skills).  

 Here at The Greater Valley Vision Center, we are committed to making sure that our patients are treated like family. From the time you walk through our doors until your visit is over, our dedicated staff will help you with all of your vision needs; from explaining in depth what was discovered during your visit to patiently helping you choose the correct frames and lenses to suit your eyewear needs. We have specially trained staff who are committed to serving you and your entire family.

Whether we are helping an adult, who has been visually challenged their whole life, or a child just starting out, we never get tired of comments such as: “For the first time in my life, I am able to use my eyes without strain or struggle.”  Whether on the sports field, in school or at work in front of a computer, we are ready, willing, and capable of helping you

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